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The delivery is always fast. The sushi is good (not the best in NYC of course, but still good). And everything's always fresh. Been ordering from them almost weekly for many months now, and not a single order was ever screwed up.


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I love this place. Always quick delivery and the food is amazing. The sushi is amazing. Had the tokyo fried chicken which is also good. I always order a couple of rolls and they're always satisfying.


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Literally the fastest delivery I've ever had! Within 20 mins of ordering the delivery guy was knocking on my 30th floor apartment! Good quality sushi! Rock shrimp is great also


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The food was good and delivered super fast. They just forgot to include chop sticks but other than that I think I found my neighborhood sushi take out spot!


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I always order from here and every time I am happy with the food. It's delicious and the sushi is high quality. The specialty rolls are well worth trying.

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Hanabi Japanese Restaurant Reviews on Seamless


4 reviews
This is my go-to with the fastest delivery and solid Japanese comfort food. The sushi has always been good though I tend towards the bento box which is great. Don't forget about the ramen, which is full of stuff and a great flavor. Don't worry about noodles getting soggy, their delivery game is strong and noodles come in a separate container, but everything is still piping hot.


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An excellent and reasonably priced Japanese restaurant. All the sushi we've tried (rolls and pieces) have been fresh and tasty. Their cooked foods are very good also and they are the only place we've ordered from where the tempura arrived still crispy! Delivery is always quick and the guys are super nice. Hanabi has become our once-a-week treat to ourselves. :)


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This place has great quality food at and an amazing value. The tokyo fried chicken bento box is delicious and enough to feed two people; they literally strap it down with rubber bands because it's nearly bursting out of the massive container. The delivery is always quick and consistent, this is my favorite place to order by far!


4 reviews
I come here at least three times a week for my lunch break. They are awesome! Not the best sushi I've had in my entire life, but everything is always good, fresh, and super quick, whether it's sushi or the food they have to cook. Plus, everyone there is super nice. Love it!!


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The food is surprisingly good quality for the cheap price. The staff is friendly and accommodating too. One time I walked out of the restaurant with my take-out order and one of the tellers chased me down for half a block to tell me I forgot my soy sauce.

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Located at 145 2nd Avenue, Hanabi is rapidly becoming the Upper East Sides most popular Sushi restaurant. Just read some of the comments below to see what people are saying about us: "Exactly what we wanted‚ delicious for how cheap it is‚ we got exactly what we asked for. " "Every Time I place an order the process is Seamless, quick and wonderfully efficient‚ everything is a great price‚ delivery is speedy and ordering is easy. " "Unbelievably Cheap‚ entree options under $7‚ great service. Friendly staff, who spoke English, had no problem taking my order, and had my order ready within minutes‚ quality food. " Order Online today ‚ we think youll agree that our food is fresh and delicious.